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Old Fashioned Blend

Old Fashioned Blend


For our Old Fashioned Blend, each orange is peeled with the bitter pith intact for cooking. There is something great about an orange peel that is much more intriguing than the juice. The long cooking process of the peel leaves for a nutty finish. Dark cherries, spices & bitter root are added to round out flavor.


Enjoy this with Bourbon or Rye for an Old Fashioned cocktail or combine with our Roasted Peppers & Citrus for Margarita's Spicy Makeover. For non-alcoholic drinks, this blend is exceptional in sweetening tea or simply add to water. Cheers!

  • Ingredients

    This bottle was made to order & contains 14 oz. of orange peel, turbinado sugar, thyme, water & citric acid

  • Uses

    Forget muddling oranges & cherries with bitters and sugar for your Old Fashioned.  Allow this syrup to take your libation to another level. 

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