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Rosemary Peach

Rosemary Peach


Freshness is the key to all our ingredients, leading to the best product. In the South, it’s hard to find something better than biting into a fresh peach on a summer day, so we decided to bottle that feeling.    


The skins are left on during the cooking process to allow for a subtle tannic structure, but most importantly leads to a beautiful hue on the finished product.


We source our peaches and rosemary locally and and pack this syrup with pounds of flavor.  We love to sweeten our tea with this, but if tea isn't your thing, just add your favorite spirit and a little lemon juice to create your new favorite libation.  Please enjoy and thanks y'all.

  • Ingredients

    This product was made to order and contains 8oz. of raw peaches, fresh rosemary, raw cane sugar, water & citric acid.

  • Uses

    Rosemary pairs wonderfully making this syrup fantastic in sweetening tea or soda water.  It’s not bad in an Old Fashioned either, so enjoy, y’all!

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